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Bible Evangelical Methodist Church
Pastor Jack Hilton
2 Kay Drive, Lancaster, PA 17603   map
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History of Bible Evangelical Methodist Church

The formation of the Bible Evangelical Methodist Church was started as several families realized the move of their churches toward liberalism and modernism. The alignment of many of the denominations with the apostate National Council and World Council of Churches caused further concern. In June of 1961, Dr. Donald McKnight, pastor of the Evangelical Methodist Church in Dublin, Maryland and a leader in the Evangelical Methodist Conference of Churches, met with several of the families and a church was organized. Dr. McKnight suggested that Mr. Ralph Hank of the Dublin EM church be elected Pastor. Within a few weeks the church began meetings in the home of Mr. & Mrs. Donald Ober on Millwood Road. The first service included forty-six people.
In September of 1961, property was purchased in New Danville on Rt. 324 and plans for a building were made. On September 19, 1962 the first service was held in the new facility. Under the leadership of Pastor Ralph Hank, the church grew and became a strong witness in the community. Rev. Donald Weidman was elected as an associate pastor in 1970, and served with Pastor Hank until 1973.
In 1973 the church was ready for a full time pastor and called Rev. Ronald Beckman. The church continued to grow in number and spiritually. A church parsonage was added and the need for more room was becoming a problem. In 1976 Pastor Beckham felt the Lord was calling him to another ministry and resigned as pastor. In 1976 Rev. Robert Dickie was called as pastor. Under his leadership the church continued to grow. Plans were made and the church remodeled, adding a fellowship hall and an enlarged paved parking area. Pastor Dickie resigned his position at the church in 1979. In 1979 Pastor Wayne Rhodes, Jr. was called as pastor. Pastor Rhodes helped stabilize and rebuild the congregation. Within a short time, the church was growing and able to pay off the indebtedness acquired in the building program. Under the wise leadership of Pastor Rhodes the church grew quickly and again faced the problem of needing more space. In 1990 the sanctuary was again remodeled adding more seating space and updating the foyer. In 1993 Pastor Rhodes felt the Lord was calling him to another pastorate and resigned as pastor. In 1993 Pastor Jack Hilton was called and continues to the present. Pastor Hilton's emphasis is on the spiritual growth of the members and a direct outreach to the immediate community.
The church began and continues as a separated, fundamental, Bible church maintaining a strong scriptural stand. Many people have come and gone with only a few of the original families remaining. At present (2003) the church has about 110 members and friends.