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Bible Evangelical Methodist Church
Pastor Jack Hilton
2 Kay Drive, Lancaster, PA 17603   map
717-871-1720   email

Church Ministries

The Church seeks to minister to both physical and spiritual needs of those within the Church family. This includes ministry to the spiritual person through Bible preaching and teaching; scriptural music for entertainment and worship; regular public and private worship; regular times of Christian fellowship; Bible classes; special prayer times. The physical and emotional needs are ministered to through various fellowship and family activities.
The Church seeks to minister to those outside the Church through evangelism; witnessing; literature; visitation. The Church conducts several Bible studies in local apartment complexes; occasional sing along at different locations and ministry at the Water Street Mission. The Church also assists with various activities at The Promised Land Camp in Conestoga, PA.
Church ministries and activities available:

  1. CHURCH CHOIR: Choir is open to all who wish to give their time and talent. The choir offers special numbers in the morning worship service and cantatas at Christmas and Easter. They also occasionally do special services at the retirement centers and nursing homes.
  2. CHILDREN'S MINISTRIES: Sunday morning Bible classes are offered during Sunday School. This is a time for Bible lessons, verse memorization, and learning the basic teachings of the faith. Sunday morning the Junior Church (ages 6 through 12) gives the children the privilege to learn and participate in a service of their own. Wednesday evening the "Kid's For Christ" program gives the children more Bible study, memorization, and craft activities. KFC has two age groups. (Little Tikes ages 2-5; KFC ages 6-12)
  3. TEEN MINISTRIES: Sunday morning Bible classes are offered during Sunday School. This is a time for learning the basic Bible doctrines and memorizing key verses. Wednesday evening is Pro-Teen time. Great emphasis is placed on the importance of knowing and using the Bible to guide our everyday life. (II Tim. 2:15) The Teen group participates in Bible quizzing twice each year. Those who wish to, may study and enjoy the furious competition with other youth groups. The teens are encouraged to participate in the regular worship services; church visitation; as well as special ministry activities.
  4. CHURCH LIBRARY: The church has a lending library that is available to all. There is a wide variety of reading material for those who wish to use it.
  5. TAPE MINISTRY: The church tapes each service and mails several tapes each week to those who desire to receive them.
  6. LITERATURE: A variety of tracts and other reading materials are available for personal use or to give to others.
  7. FELLOWSHIP ACTIVITIES: Annual Christmas banquet; Mother/Daughter banquet; Sunday School and VBS picnic; Men's retreat; annual Spring banquet; Fifth Sunday Fellowship luncheon; Victorious Life Conference in July; Spring and Fall evangelistic meetings; Fall Missions Banquet and Conference; Summer camp for youth and children.
  8. LADIES GROUP: The ladies meet the fist Wednesday of each month for Bible Study and Fellowship. The ladies have several mission projects and several special activities through the year.
  9. BIBLE STUDIES: There is one or more structured Bible studies held throughout the year.