Serving the Lord and the local church through puppets, ventriloquism, chalk art, vocal and instrumental music and old fashioned Bible preaching.
B a c k g r o u n d

Barry Webb Barry was born into an evangelist's family on November 20, 1959, near Philadelphia, PA. His father, Dr. Hal Webb preached the Gospel for sixty-seven years before he went to be with the Lord. At age four Barry trusted Christ as his Savior. At twelve, he surrendered his life to the Lord, and at fourteen he preached his first sermon. He traveled with his father and Dr. Theron Babcock (his father's associate) when he could while growing up, and learned about evangelism "first hand." He was active in his local church. He attended Christian school and graduated in 1977. That summer Barry worked with Chris Babcock, again with the Hal Webb Team. In September, Barry began four years of training in Bible college. He and Chris continued to travel on weekends and during summers. After four years of college ministry together, they decided to continue as a second-generation evangelistic team. Barry was ordained in June of 1981, after graduation from college. On August 28, of that year, he married Cheryl Proper, a pastors' daughter from Pennsylvania, whom he met at college. That September these three formed Family Evangelistic Ministries Association. Chris married in 1983 and the two couples traveled together for six years until in 1987 Chris died suddenly of a brain aneurysm. Since then, Barry and Cheryl have continued as The Barry Webb Evangelistic Ministries. Barry sings, and plays Bass Trumpet, Baritone, Trombone, and Flugabone horns. He is also a ventriloquist and has had almost fifty years in the field of puppetry. He does all of the voices for the twenty plus puppets that travel with the team in their castle puppet stage. He is also a chalk artist.

Cheryl Webb Cheryl was born into a Pastor's family on March 8, 1959, in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Two months later her father moved the family first to New York, and then to Du Bois, PA, where he pastored the Temple Baptist Church for 22 years. Cheryl gave her life to Christ at age fifteen. She grew up serving the Lord with her family at Temple Baptist. She took piano lessons for eight years and served as the church pianist. She graduated from Christian school in the Spring of 1977 and entered Bible college that Fall as a Sacred Music major with a voice proficiency. She met Barry on a blind date during their Freshman year, and they dated for the rest of their college years. Cheryl graduated from college in May of 1981 and married Barry that August. In October of 1984 she gave birth to a daughter, Bethany and then to another daughter, Rachel, two years later in December of 1987. Through the years Cheryl has been Wife, Mother, School Teacher, Housekeeper, and a vital part of the ministry team. In meetings, Cheryl plays the piano, sings, teaches a nightly children's class, and arranges music for the team.

Barry and Cheryl Webb The Webbs have two daughters, Bethany (10-25-1984) and Rachel (12-14-1986). They were home schooled by their parents on the road, and trained to use their talents for the Lord.

Phil and Bethany Herwaldt family Bethany and her husband Phil reside in Ft. Thomas, AZ where they serve as missionaries to the Native Americans with the Regeneration Reservation, a ministry that was founded by Evangelist Lester Roloff. They are the proud parents of three children: Adam, Janie, and Micah.

Tristan and Rachel Smith family Rachel and her husband Tristan have had a burden for helping plant Bible believing churches since they were married. They lived in San Diego for seven years helping to plant Metro Baptist Church (Now Anchor Baptist). They now reside in Shorewood, Illinois where they are helping to plant the Shorewood Baptist Church. They are proud parents of four children: Henry, Brynne, Pemberley, and Clara.

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