Serving the Lord and the local church through puppets, ventriloquism, chalk art, vocal and instrumental music and old fashioned Bible preaching. At the Cross
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He Rose Again!

The great preacher, Dr. R.A. Torrey was one day standing before the window of an art store where a picture of the Crucifixion of our Lord was on exhibition. As He gazed at this picture, he became conscious of the approach of another. He turned to see a little boy gazing also intently at the picture. Noticing that this mite of humanity was a sort of street urchin, Dr. Torrey thought he would speak to him; so he asked, pointing to the picture, "Do you know who that is?"

"Yes," came the quick response; "that's our Savior." The boy said this with a mingled look of pity and surprise that Dr. Torrey should not know what the picture represented. With an evident desire to enlighten him further, the boy continued, after a long pause: "Them's the soldiers, the Roman soldiers, and," then with a long drawn sigh, "that woman crying there is His mother." He waited, apparently for Dr. Torrey to question him further. When no other questions were forthcoming, he thrust his hands into his pockets, and with a reverent and subdued voice he added, "They killed Him, mister. Yes, sir, they killed Him."

Dr. Torrey looked at the dirty, ragged, little fellow and asked, "Where did you learn this?"

The boy replied, "At the Mission Sunday School, mister."

Full of thoughts regarding the benefits of Mission Sunday Schools, Dr. Torrey turned away and resumed his walk, leaving the little lad still looking at the picture. He had not walked a block when he heard the boy's childish voice calling, "Mister!, say, mister! Dr. Torrey turned. The little boy was running toward the preacher. He stopped and up went his little hand. With a triumphant sound in his voice, he said, "I wanted to tell you: It's all right, He rose again."

Having delivered his message, the boy smiled, waved his hand, turned, and went his way, feeling, as Dr. Torrey presumed, that as he had once been enlightened, he had done his duty in enlightening another. He Rose Again!