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Safe Home At Last

In a city on the East coast of the United States there lived an engineer who had been on the railroad for a good many years. He was, one day, speaking to a crowd of men, that included a number of railroad men. While closing his address he said "Men, I canít begin to tell you what Jesus has meant to me. Years ago, each night when I would finish my run for the day, I would pull open the whistle and let out a blast just as I came around a certain curve. I would look up to a small hill where stood a little white cottage, and there standing in the doorway would be a little old man and little old woman. I would lean out of the old cab window, and we would wave at each other. Then as my engine would go shooting into a tunnel, the old couple would turn and go back inside the house, and the old woman would say to the little old man, "Thank God, Father, Bennie is safe home tonight."

Time passed and the day came when we carried Mother out and laid her away. After that, each night as I came around the curve and blew the whistle, the little old man would be at the door, and I would wave to him. He would wave back to me, and then as my train shot through the tunnel, he would turn and go slowly into the cottage and say, "Thank God, Bennie is safe home tonight."

More time passed, and at last the day came when we carried Father out and buried him too. Now when I finish my run, although I still pull the whistle and let out a blast, there are no dear ones to welcome me home. But when my work on earth is done, when the last run has been made, and I have pulled the throttle and the whistle for the last time, as I draw near Heavenís gate, I know I will see my dear old mother turn to my dear old father, and hear her say, Thank God, Father, Bennie is home safe AT LAST!"